“Rev. Marcia is an excellent spiritual coach with wonderful counseling skills. My experience with her has been life-changing. Her compassion, nonjudgmental listening and great insight has made my life easier and more meaningful. She is a gift to anyone who knows her.” - C.T.

“Rev. Marcia has years of experience practicing, applying and teaching…When I talk with her I feel a connection through easy listening and understanding without judgment…As soon as the session starts I relax…and by the end of the session I can confidently let go and let God.”  
- Anonymous

“What a special group of people! The openness and camaraderie were a gift…I honestly never would have believed that one course could have changed my world as much as this has. – J. G.

“Marcia helped guide us in creating meaningful and heartfelt vows and was a calming voice during the hectic planning process of our wedding. She made this intimate moment more special by adding an extra ray of sunshine to our joyous day!"  - S. N. and M. D.

“Rev. Marcia performed a memorial service for a dear friend of mine that she had never met. After speaking with me and with the family, she put together the most beautiful service honoring my friend’s life and acknowledging not only her, but the beauty that she left behind for others to share as her family. No matter what your belief system, Rev. Marcia will be there for you.” – F. P.

"Working closely with the family, you put together a truly beautiful service which honored…[our mother]…with her favorite prayers and hymns. I’d also like to thank you again for the support and spiritual guidance which you provided the entire family during this very trying period". – B.G.

​"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marcia MacLean for the lovely service she conducted to honor my mother upon her death in October 2016.  Marcia had worked with my mother on planning a service tailored to her wishes, then Marcia worked with my brother and me, as well as other family members, to include our wishes as well.  Marcia joined us as we met with the funeral home and helped us understand the requirements of the funeral home and the cemetery.  She stayed in touch with my brother and me in the days following our mother’s death and was always willing to lend a hand, but she was never intrusive.  What was key to the service, is that it was all about our family.  Marcia coordinated the service, asked family members what they wanted to add, and she guided the service.  She instinctively knows when to step back or when to put herself forward.  She manages a difficult time with skill and sensitivity.  I really can’t imagine the funeral could have gone more smoothly or feel more personal if someone else had been at the lead." - S. C.

"Please accept this letter as an expression of deep appreciation for the beautiful, well-received service that you provided at the memorial for my daughter...I recognize the fine line you had to maintain in your remarks considering the facts that you never met... [my daughter], and her husband had made it clear he wanted no preaching. You walked that line in a meaningful and compassionate manner in a way that meant a lot to family members, friends and co-workers, which some of whom mentioned to me later...Again I say with love and gratitude, thank you." - R.D.

Rev. Marcia MacLean

In Joyous Service

​​ ​​Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling:     

$80/hour, $60/hour/CSL Members

Spiritual Support Groups:     
$100/hour/10, $125/hour/11-25, $150/hour/26-35 people 
Spiritual Tools & Skills Workshops:     
$100/hour/10, $125/hour/11-25, $150/hour/26-35 people
Science of Mind ​TM Classes:     
$30/3-hour class/person/week/8-10 weeks
Positive, Powerful Public Speaking:      
​Rates vary for churches, centers and corporate venues depending on size and scope of event 
Inspiring and empowering New Thought and personal development audiences

​​ ​​Custom Designed Wedding Ceremonies:      

$400 Non-Denominational, Interfaith & Marriage Equality
Includes design meetings and correspondence, rehearsal, officiating and filing

Groups, Workshops, Ceremonies at Sea:     

Above Rates, Plus Room, Meals & Transportation
Former STCW 95 certified professional yacht crew member with 17 years experience 
Vessel, crew, food, fuel, dockage and other expenses not included

Celebration of Life Ceremony:     

$300   Non-Denominational & Interfaith
Includes initial family visit, eulogy/service meetings, correspondence and memorial service​​ ​​​

Compassionate Care Visits:     

$30/hr, Free/CSL Members
Former licensed CNA for elderly, recovering and developmentally disabled adults

Ordained, Licensed and Insured. Cash, Checks, MasterCard, Visa and Pay Pal Accepted
Free consultations are available by appointment for other events, services and rates

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